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There's a breakthrough in oral health that has the potential to help millions. It's an ozone-infused oil pulling remedy that you swish around your mouth for a few minutes each morning to radically transform your oral health.

The practice of "oil pulling" has been used for thousands of years to pull toxins from gum tissue in the mouth.* It's a mainstay tool of Ayurvedic Medicine and many people swear by its benefits. But now we've taken oil pulling into the 21st century with the addition of an ozone infusion right into the oil.

Ozone, the same elemental molecule you can smell in the air after a lightning storm, is now being used to radically transform modern dentistry. What dentists have discovered is that ozone kills bacteria throughout the mouth, including in tiny, microscopic crevices. Today, more and more dentists have become aware that old root canals may harbor dangerous bacteria and release toxins into the mouth which get swallowed into the body.

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A revolution in oral health: ozone-infused jojoba/coconut oil for "oil pulling"

Oil pulling works far better than mouthwashes because oils are far better at penetrating all the tiny crevices and small areas around your gum tissue and teeth.

Millions of people are chronically poisoning themselves with toxic bacteria in their own mouth

Due to toxic bacteria, many people are chronically poisoning themselves by swallowing small amounts of toxic bacteria waste throughout the day. Eliminating the unhealthy bacteria that produce these body-harming toxins is essential to protecting your health. But antibacterial mouthwashes contain toxic chemical like Triclosan, a very destructive chemical linked to superbugs. Mouthwashes are also usually made with either harsh alcohol or artificial chemical sweeteners and artificial chemical colors. (Most mouthwashes are extremely toxic.)

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling works far better than mouthwashes because oils are far better at penetrating all the tiny crevices and small areas around your gum tissue and teeth. If you've ever had a jar of coconut oil leak or spill, you know how coconut oil gets into everything, finding even the smallest opening to work its way through.

That's why we chose coconut oil as the base oil for our oil pulling solution: it's simply the best-performing oil available in the world for oil pulling.

Next, we blended it with ozone-infused jojoba oil, creating an oil combination with outstanding penetration and ozone-carrying capacity. The ozone rides with the oils, reaching every microscopic gum line, tooth crack or fissure anywhere in your mouth, delivering bacteria-killing ozone to all those areas as you swish the oil around your mouth each morning.

I recommend swishing this ozone-infused coconut + jojoba oil around your mouth for 5 minutes every morning. I find it easy to do while I'm showering or getting dressed. Afterwards, my mouth feels unbelievably refreshed and rejuvenated. There is a very small amount of organic peppermint oil blended into the product for taste only, but even with the peppermint oil, the product still tastes rather bland. This isn't some candy-tasting processed mouthwash product here. This is a 100% natural formula based on an ancient medicine practice, upgraded with modern ozone technology.

How it's made: the ozone infusion process

When you open the lid on our O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution (made from a blend of coconut and jojoba oils), you can instantly smell the ozone, much like a fresh breeze following a thunderstorm.

In your mouth, the ozone goes to work instantly, creating a tingling sensation as it neutralizes toxic bacteria in and around your gums and teeth. The longer you keep it in your mouth and swish it around, the longer it works to bathe your gums and teeth in ozone.

Getting that ozone into the oils, however, is a difficult and time-consuming process. It requires DAYS of meticulous work to saturate the oil with ozone, using very expensive high-technology ozone-producing equipment.

That's why ozone-infused products are never cheap. Accomplishing the infusion takes a lot of time and investment. But the results are worth it: A breakthrough remedy solution representing a marriage of today's most advanced technology with one of the most widely-used systems of holistic medicine in human history.

That's why this product solution is so powerful... and rare. I don't think an ozone-infused coconut + jojoba oil pulling solution has ever been made available to the public before. This is not only a first; it's also a real breakthrough for oral health.

The manufacturing time on this product is long, so once we run out of current stock, it will be weeks before we can get more. As of today, we've got about 400 bottles in stock in two sizes: 4 oz. and 8 oz. There's an additional small discount on the 8 oz. bottle when you buy 3 or more.

Keep in mind that the shelf life on this product is VERY long. It's labeled at 3 years, but I'm guessing it will actually last a decade or more, making it an outstanding preparedness product, too. The ozone that's infused into the oil blend is naturally anti-bacterial, serving as a kind of natural preservative for the solution.

What's even more fascinating about this product is that it can be used in a first aid context as an antibacterial skin treatment that kills bacteria on the surface of the skin. The coconut oil is soothing and supports healing, while the ozone kills bacteria.*

This makes it ideal as a first aid preparedness solution with an extremely long shelf life. So it's an extremely valuable item for preppers who want to protect their oral health during a crisis scenario. That's a thought that doesn't occur to most preppers, but it's a very important question: What will you do when you can't get to a dentist?

Preventing cavities and gum disease is absolutely essential to your quality of life in any scenario... but especially a survival scenario where there are no dentists available.


For all the reasons mentioned above, I expect our O3 Ozone-Infused Oil Pulling Solution to sell out very quickly and be on back order within a few days.

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- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Extremely long shelf life, plus topical antiseptic properties

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